Resisting Powers

If someone’s using their power to damage your Health or any of your other stats, there’s only so much you can do. You can try to dodge the attack (your d20 + total Evade needs to be higher than their d20 + total Aim) or you can simply take the hit and reduce some of the damage with your defenses (any defensive armor/powers + total Defense).

But what about unwanted power “attacks” that don’t damage any of your stats, but negatively affect you in some other way?

For example, suppose someone’s attempting mind control you, transform you into stone, levitate you off the ground, or prevent you from speaking? They’re not damaging any of your stats, but they’re still “harming” you in some other way.

In cases like that, you can try to resist the unwanted power’s effects.

Use Attribute Checks

Every power has a “Base Attribute.” It’s the primary Attribute that character’s particular power is based on. For example, “mind control” is probably based on the “Mental” attribute. If you want to resist someone’s attempt to mind control you, you’d roll a d20 and add your total Mental attribute. The attacking character must do the same. If their total number is higher, they succeed and you get mind controlled. But if the numbers match or your total is higher, you are able to shake off and resist their mind control, this turn.

Use the same method for any other non-damaging, but unwanted super power effects.

Effect Duration

Once they’ve successfully used their power against you, the effect is permanent for each turn they continue using their power. The attacking player must be within range and able to re-activate that power each and every turn. If they become disabled, unable to use their power, or move too far away, the effects instantly wear off and you’re returned to normal.

On your turn, you can try to resist their power again. Repeat the relevant attribute check. However, if you succeed and break free from their power, that action uses your whole turn. If you fail to resist it, or simply don’t try, your turn proceeds normally.

Which Attribute is Appropriate?

“Mind control” doesn’t necessarily have to use “Mental” as its Base Attribute. Maybe it’s a psychic/supernatural attack, and their mind control is based on their Spiritual attribute instead. Maybe they just have an incredibly seductive, influential, and charming voice — something others find difficult to resist — and their “mind control” is based on their Social attribute. Any power’s Base Attribute can be any one of the six character attributes, but it also has to “make sense” and be explainable. For example, if you want your mind control power to be based on your Financial attribute, you better be able to convincingly explain to the Game Master and other players how and why that’s valid.

But in general, these recommended guidelines are fairly standard:

  • Physical: super strength, super speed
  • Mental: mind control, reading minds
  • Spiritual: psychic abilities, anything magical
  • Emotional: fear, courage, love, hate
  • Social: speaking/interpreting languages, bluffing
  • Financial: casino luck, turning lead into gold