Death & Resurrection

If your Health ever reaches zero or lower (a negative number), your character has died.

Is that the end for you?

Maybe not. Heroes and villains are harder to kill than everybody else.

If you get killed, you have some options:

Option 1: Give Up & Start Over

Maybe you’re tired of your character and want to start fresh anyway. Let your character die. Create a new one. Maybe your Game Master will be kind and let your new character start with some bonus experience points (starting you at a higher level). Then again, maybe your Game Master will insist you start at level 1 with no experience. But maybe it’s worth starting over with a new character and a clean slate.

Option 2: Get Healed by Someone or Something Else

You’re “dead,” but you’re not “dead-dead” until you’ve been dead for at least 24 hours. If another character is able to heal you, or drag your corpse to a hospital or other healing place, your Health can be restored. Once your Health is at 1 or higher, you’re alive and can begin taking actions again as soon as it’s your turn!

Option 3: Attempt a Resurrection

If “Resurrection” is enabled on your character sheet, you may roll a d20 once per turn. If you do a successful roll, you come back from the dead with some or all of your Health restored. How much Health do you regain? Roll a d4. If you get a 1, you regain 25% of your total Health. Roll a 2 and you get back 50% of your total Health. A 3 gives you 75% of your total Health. And if you’re lucky enough to roll a 4, you get back 100% of your total Health! Performing a resurrection attempt (whether successful or not) counts as one action.

Option 4: Self-Healing Power

Maybe you already have a healing power. If so, you’re in luck. Unless your power specifically can’t target yourself for some reason, you can begin healing yourself even in death. Whenever it’s your turn, even though you’re “dead,” you may use your healing power on yourself. It costs one action every time you use your healing power. If you’re dead, you may only use your healing power on yourself; you cannot heal anybody else, unless your power also has an area of effect that happens to heal adjacent characters while it’s healing you.

Option 5: Special Story Event

Maybe none of the above options are feasible or available. There’s still hope for you. The Game Master can create or allow a special story-based event to bring you back from the dead. Maybe there’s a magical artifact the rest of the team can find, which will bring you back (even after you’ve been dead for over 24 hours). Maybe you’ll come back from the dead, but as a new species — perhaps a zombie or vampire, for example. Maybe an NPC scientist can clone your body, and the Game Master allows your soul to possess it and take over, giving you a second chance at life. Anything is possible. Ask your Game Master nicely (and maybe give them some free food) and see what opportunities arise.


Staying Dead

A character is permanently dead, and cannot be healed or resurrected back to life, if any of the following are true:

  • The character has been dead for 24 hours or longer.
  • The character’s Health has been reduced to -2X of their full Health. (Example: if their total full Health is 100, they’re permanently dead at -200 Health or lower.)
  • The Game Master says so.