Create an Equipment

Equipment can be any kind of weapon, armor, or miscellaneous tool or device you can use over and over again. It’s like a super power, except it does not require any Power points. But equipment can do pretty much anything a power can do.

When creating a custom equipment, you design it just like you did with a super power. But there are some important differences:

Item Durability

Because your equipment is a physical object, it has its own Hit Points. This is how much damage it can withstand, before being completely destroyed. Normally you don’t have to worry about this. Simply using your equipment normally will not wear down its Hit Points. However, there are a few special cases where it’s important.

Example 1: Sacrifice Your Equipment

Imagine a significantly more powerful enemy is attacking you. Your Health is low. Even after you use all your defenses, the damage from their attack will likely kill you. But there’s hope. You can sacrifice your equipment. Whether or not it’s designed to be a defensive equipment, it’s still a physical object you can use to partially shield yourself. Let your equipment take some of the attack damage. Add its Hit Points to your total defense.

But please note: sacrificing your equipment is an all-or-nothing, one-time strategy. If your sacrificed equipment had more Hit Points than you needed, the object is still destroyed.

The good news? Assuming you survived the attack, you can pick up the pieces of your broken equipment and repair it for half its original cost. But most likely, you’ll need to take the broken pieces to an NPC or other expert who’s capable of repairing it, unless the Game Master feels you have sufficiently high Attribute(s) necessary to repair that particular equipment yourself. The “half its original cost” just covers raw materials. If you’re hiring someone to repair it for you, they may charge a nominal service fee too, which the Game Master will decided. If you have a high amount of Fame, you might even get it repaired for free — or possibly even have it upgraded for you at no extra cost!

Alternatively, if you don’t want to repair your broken equipment, you can also sell it for spare parts, valued at half its original cost.

Example 2: Equipment Possession

If somehow your soul gets disconnected from your body, you may choose to possess and inhabit someone’s equipment. Your Health is now its Hit Points. And if you have any super powers, the equipment you’ve merged with now possesses those powers too. In rare special circumstances, this might be a creative strategy. For example, you could let yourself get killed and then possess your friend’s powerful weapon. Their weapon becomes even more powerful now, upgraded with your own innate super power abilities — and together, you (as the weapon) and your friend become an incredible team.

Example 3: Raw Materials & Misc Calculations

You may come up with some clever and creative idea of how to make use of your equipment in an unorthodox manner. For example, suppose you have an alchemy super power that turns other metals into gold. And you find yourself desperately strapped for cash. Maybe you want to transform your own metallic equipment into pure gold. Just how much gold can you make out of it? Your Game Master will give you the conversion ratio, but it might be something like 1 Hit Point = 1 ounce, or 1 Hit Point = 1 bar or 1 pound. Something like that.

Hit Points give an estimate of the object’s overall size, density, durability, weight, etc. Hit Points can be used for a variety of unforeseen possibilities. Your Game Master can use an object’s Hit Points to help compare it against another object. It’s there to help with miscellaneous calculations, comparisons, and standardizations.

Your Game Master may also require you to add more Hit Points, to make the equipment more realistic and believable. For example, if you have a sword made of pure solid diamond but you only gave it 10 Hit Points, your Game Master may tell you an object that sturdy and strong needs to have a lot more Hit Points. The reverse is possible too. If your weapon is a twig you plucked from a regular tree, it probably doesn’t have 10,000 Hit Points.


Cash Required

When you created and customized your own super power, you needed Power points. Equipment, on the other hand, doesn’t use Power points. You could have zero Power points or a million Power points; it’s irrelevant for your weapons, armor, and other equipment. These are objects. And as you custom design and create your own gear, you need money for the raw materials and assembly.

Make sure that you can afford to pay for whatever you’re creating. Once you’re satisfied with your new equipment and get your Game Master’s approval, subtract its Total Cash Cost from your current cash balance.

Purchasing custom equipment, of course, is a one-time transaction. You won’t need to pay for it again, unless you need to repair it or want to upgrade it. When you’re first starting the game, you can begin with any equipment the Game Master approves. However, once you begin the story, you can’t just repair or upgrade it whenever you have money. It needs to make sense and fit within the story. For example, where did you get the additional raw materials or blueprints to upgrade your equipment? Do you have sufficient skill (an Attribute check) to upgrade or repair it yourself? Do you need to pay a technician or blacksmith to upgrade or repair it for you?

On the plus side, you can make entire side-quests out of acquiring the necessary components to build one epic weapon or armor. And depending on the quest and circumstances, the Game Master might give you those necessary components completely free (no cash spent to create/upgrade at all), if you earned it some other way.


Adding More Equipment

At level 1, you can purchase and use up to two unique pieces of equipment. You probably want to create one weapon and one armor of some kind. But you can create two different weapons, two different types of shields, or neither. Maybe you want to create special goggles that can detect magical artifacts from far away. Maybe you want a personal teleporter device. Or something that creates holographic illusions. Equipment can be and do virtually anything, just like powers. But they’re not powers, they don’t use or require Power points, and they have the added benefit of Item Durability. You just need enough money to pay for whatever you want it to be and do.

Upon reaching level 3, you can add a third equipment item. You get one additional equipment available every odd-numbered level (5, 7, 9, 11, and so on) after that.