Welcome to Super Powers Unlimited. This is a new tabletop role-playing game, currently in limited beta testing.

What makes Super Powers Unlimited special?

Super Powers Unlimited allows you to create any character with any super power you can imagine. You can be any race. You can travel to any world — or even the past or future! Love fantasy and magic? Great, that works beautifully in Super Powers Unlimited. Prefer high-tech science-fiction? Awesome. It works just as well. Want to keep it centered in the present day real world? No problem.

You can tell nearly any kind of story, with any kinds of characters, in any kind of world. And you can custom create any kind of super power, weapon, device, or magical object you want. It’s all part of this system. Super Powers Unlimited is a plug-and-play type of role-playing game.

There are no endless lists of powers and abilities to search through. No expensive “monster manuals” or detailed guides to fictional worlds. If you can imagine it and describe it, you can use it. It’s ready to go, out of the box. All you need is your imagination. Create whatever you want with this system.

Because of this freedom, past game groups have had super heroes, vampires, and alien monsters all working together on the same team and the same time. You can keep it sword & sorcery, have an intergalactic adventure on a starship, or mix-and-match it all into one.

Is this like Dungeons & Dragons?

In the sense that you’re role-playing as a character, yes. But Super Powers Unlimited is a completely different system using unique mechanics. Like most role-playing games, you have “hit points” (called “Health” in this game), go on imaginary adventures, battle enemies, and earn experience points. If you’re already familiar with other tabletop role-playing games, you’ll pick up Super Powers Unlimited very quickly and easily.

If you’re new to tabletop role-playing games, this game is designed to be fast and easy to learn. Your imagination is what’s most important.

How do I customize my character?

When you create your character, you’ll get a bunch of “Character Points” which you can assign to various stats and skills, allowing you to customize your character exactly how you want. Click here for an overview of your character sheet.

Do I need dice, figurines, and level maps?

You’ll definitely need your standard set of RPG dice. If you’ve got tabletop maps and miniatures, all the better. But people have played this game with just storytelling and their imagination. The dice add some randomness and variety, but if you don’t have any, that’s okay too. Just use the “Max Roll” value if you can’t actually roll any dice.

What do I need to download?

Currently (while this game is in beta testing), the character sheet uses an Excel spreadsheet. You’ll need either Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice (which is free, open source), or some other alternative software that can open and view “.xlsx” Excel files. Eventually, the character sheet will be available as an app on both Android and iOS, as well as a downloadable desktop version for both PC and Mac.

For people who prefer old school pen-and-paper, or simply can’t open Excel files right now, a PDF version of the character sheet can be downloaded and printed too. But if you select this option, you’ll need to do a little more math.

Can I offer my feedback?

Absolutely. Your feedback is really valuable. If you have any questions, bug reports, ways to break the game, comments, or suggestions, please submit them to development@superpowersunlimited.com.